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On November 7, 2006 the Board of Supervisors for the County of Riverside approved Ordinance No. 857 which provides the regulatory and administrative framework to implement a Business Registration and Licensing Program within the unincorporated area of Riverside County. The ordinance contains a variety of administrative procedures that are outlined including: contents of the application form, license issuance protocol, description of license fee, inspections and enforcement, and business license enforcement procedures.

The business license fees are $45 for initial licensing and $30 for annual renewal. Exemptions are granted for various agricultural activities, certain residential businesses, places of worship, specific non-profit, and any business exempt by virtue of constitution law, however fee exempted businesses will be required to register. Business license fees charged under the provisions of this ordinance shall be revenue-neutral in that they may not exceed the reasonable costs of providing the regulatory services included in the business registration and licensing program. No business license fee charged under the provisions of this ordinance shall be construed as a business license tax.

A business information questionnaire designed to ascertain pertinent information regarding the businesses are mailed to every business within the county unincorporated area. In addition, businesses have the ability to access the County of Riverside's website for an on-line registration and automated payment system option. At this time we are accepting VISA and MasterCard credit cards. A convenience fee of approximately 3% is added to each authorized payment. Once the information has been collected and payment received each business will receive a Business License Certificate.

Email: busreg@rctlma.org

Regional Board Information for MS4 Permit

How it works is the Regional Board writes and issues to us the County a MS4 permit. Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System permit. Then the County responds on how we will implement the MS4 permit requirements and we write a document and plan. That document we write showing how we will comply was called the DAMP, and is now called the JRMP. We are in transition right now do to the increasing of requirements that required us to increase programmatic elements (our work tasks) and the new document is waiting to be finalized.  Click Here to View the 2006 DAMP  (See Section 8.1-8.8 for business requirements)

Santa Ana Regional Board MS4 Permit see pgs 80- 81 and pg 54 for our Local Implementation requirements: Click Here to View

Santa Margarita Regional Board MS4 Permit see pgs 27, 58, and 84: Click Here to View

Colorado Regional Board MS4 permit: Click Here to View

Ordinance 857 Text

Tobacco Retailer Licensing Information

Mandatory Commercial Recycling

Business Requirements for Storm Water

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